No expected results from traditional marketing?


Why your brand needs

Social Media Marketing?

High ROI

Customer satisfaction

Lower advertising cost

Increase brand awareness

A notable increase in sales and leads

To keep track of competitors

Relationship building between your business and customers

Build a massive community around your brand

Keep you stay ahead and on top of the industry

Nearly half of the world’s population use social media platforms. It’s undoubted that social media is the largest, market place to acknowledge people about your products, services and businesses. Social media has been evolving significantly with new features. Since it’s predicted a huge increase in people who use social media in future. Uplift Digital Marketing is a leading social media marketing company which helps to connect your business with a massive audience, build brands, increase sales and get more website traffic. It’s a proven fact that digital marketing is more effective than traditional marketing methods and less costly. Unlike traditional methods, social media allows you to engage and interacts with customers on one on one basis. This builds trust and makes more loyal customers. Loyal customers stay longer with your brand and most importantly they recommend your brand to others by massive word of mouth. Ultimately this results in more sales.

Biggest Social Media Platforms We Use To Increase The Expossure Of Your Brand


Over 2 billion active users, exact targeted audience, high customer engagements and trustworthy recommendations.


The best visual social media platform, simple, attractive and over 1 billion users with the majority of the younger generation.


The best platform to transmit your special occasions, discounts and brand-building tweets across the world.


Engage you with a professional and relevant audience, recommendations on LinkedIn are very valuable.


Video contents are very powerful. YouTube is the no 1 place for creating and sharing videos, incredibly powerful platform.

Social media strategy used by Uplift Digital Marketing is very unique and client-friendly

We listen to you carefully and attentively about your business goals, targets, objectives and requirements.

We will assign a marketing consultant and based on the information provided, our consultant will do overall market research about your customer’s needs, your business, service or the products, online new trends and competitors.

Then we ensure that your business is in the right social media platforms and we provide the best possible marketing campaign which suits your requirements.

We create the best content that can attract the attention of the audience.

Our organic social make sure the maximum engagement of your existing followers and our paid social advertising ensures getting a more targeted and wider audience around your brand.

We measure the results and report you at the end of the campaign.

Based on an analysis of results, our consultants guide you and give golden tips to expand your business.

Why you should partner with Uplift Digital Marketing Agency?

We are one of the best social media marketing companies in Sri Lanka with a higher number of results-proven campaigns.

We got social media marketing experts with experience and broad knowledge about social media platforms and social media marketing.

For us complete integrity is everything, we maintain full transparency with clients in everything we do.

We provide the best service with amazingly fair pricing.

About 50% of the start-ups do not use social media marketing and fail without having a proper way of marketing although their products and services are in high quality.

Most of the others waste their money without getting effective results since they do not optimise their social media marketing campaigns in a correct manner.​

Uplift Digital Marketing is here to assist you to reach your next step. There’s nothing more satisfactory than for us to see our clients business grow.

Let's work together.